Key advantages

Conference microphone control

Intuitive interface, customizable meeting room layouts, enable/disable microphone directly within the software.

Automatically directs the camera towards the speaker when the microphone is activated. Supports enabling/disabling priority for the chairman's microphone.

Displaying voting results.

Directly display voting results on the control screen with an intuitive interface.

Intuitive interface, easy and simple operations, user-friendly.

Information security.

Encrypts and internally uses only information related to accounts and meeting scenarios.

Supports various types of microphones and cameras, ensuring maximum compatibility.


Meetings utilizing conference equipment systems often involve complex operation and management. ADV-iSCM simplifies and makes conference operation and management incredibly convenient and user-friendly.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand menu of functions.
  • Easy monitoring of device information
Auto tracking

Auto tracking

Auto Tracking is the process of recording without the need for a camera operator. ADV-iSCM provides a solution for automatically controlling the camera to track speakers during meetings and conferences. When a speaker activates the microphone, the camera will pan, tilt, and zoom to capture the speaker. This automated Auto Tracking system is particularly suitable for large, crucial conference environments with high demands for real-time responsiveness.


High compatibility

ADV-iSCM is designed to be compatible with various types of microphones and cameras. We constantly strive to improve to provide a diverse range of choices for users. The ultimate goal is to eliminate limitations in connecting with any conference communication brand.

  • Supports various types of microphones from different brands such as Televic and Bosch...
  • Supports various types of cameras from different brands such as Lumens, Aver, Polycom, and Bosch...

Supported Conference Systems

To provide flexibility and maximum compatibility for conference facilities, whether new installations or existing ones, we continually test conference devices to ensure seamless integration with our software.

Representative projects

We have many years of experience in implementing nationwide-scale projects.


In Vietnam, AICE is one of the pioneers in the design, supply, installation of lighting systems, electronic constructions. The company has been selected as a reliable partner to provide prestigious engineering equipment and services to many state agencies, joint ventures, civil works, specialized works, industrial works in Hanoi as well as in the country.

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Implementing the solution
Applying the solution to the conferences

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